02 April 2012

Malls and Movies

Saturday 31/3/2012 continued...

After we drank our mango juice we went to school.  While my students were in class me and my boys made copies of our passports; the part that shows their pictures and the part that shows the entry stamp into Panama.  After classes everyone was hungry so we decided to head to the mall for lunch and a movie.

BlockBuster stores still exist!!!!!

El Centro Comercial Albrook is huge and very American. they had every American store you could think of and more. I got a new sim card in my phone for $2.40 but it didnt work since my phone isn´t jail-broken. *note to self: get a jail broken phone before next trip abroad*. Things in the mall seemed very expensive. I was happy to find a Conway store. I went there and bought Dude an early birthday present, 3 small yellow dump trucks for $3.50. His birthday is tomorrow, he will turn 3. I also got Zane a Ninjago lego set for $9.

Zane and a couple of my students checking out video games

We rented this mall cart for $4 per hour.  Dude loved it!

We also ate at McDonald´s, just as a taste test to see if it was lke the states. Overall it is, maybe less greasy and the chick taste like real chicken.

The McDonald´s in Panamá is tasty, less greasy.

25 cent fee to use the toilets.  Kids go free.

After lunch we went to the loooong movie ticket line at the box office downstairs and got tickets for John Carter. The movie was dubbed with voice overs and not the version with subtitles. I thought it would be a good experience for y students to return home and say that they´ve only seen a popular movie only in spanish. The movie theatres here give assigned seats tickets cost $3.50 and the combo snack meal only $4.75. I think that the movie theatre here is pretty smart. The snack bar is shared with the whole mall, it´s not just exclusively for movie goers. The movie was great. of course Zane understood everything. Dude played with his toy trucks most of the movie, and my students said they could understand just about everything that was happening

Coming soon to the CineMax Panamá.  Ice Age 4.

Zane and Dude playing with their new toys at our homestay

After the movie is was dark out and getting late so her hopped in cabs and headed to our host famlies.  Once again we all returned home happy and tired.  But we must admit we suuuure wish AlphaPoppa and FoxyMama were here.

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