04 April 2012


martes 3 de abril, 2012

Last night was HOT!!! And I mean HOT.  We all woke up tired because we were stuck to the sheets and uncomfortable most of the night.  We woke up early ate breakfast with our host family and were off to a rare early start.  While my students were in class Zane, Dude, and I walked to the store to get Gatorade and snacks.  We are drinking as much as we can to stay hydrated in this heat!  

After classes we stopped by our favorite Panamanian restaurant for lunch.  ¡Sabroso!

Dude eating his favorite, arroz.

After we ate we walked over to the nearby strip mall´s post office to send postcards to friends and family in the U.S.  This is one of the ways I save money and luggage space when I travel.  People love the surprise of receiving their post card gift in the mail, seeing the different stamps, and it only cost $.25 to send off. 

At the Post Office

After sending off our post cards we headed for our last day of service at Casa Esperanza. The ride is about half hour on the public buses, we took the newer buses this time ☺

Here are some of the sights we saw as we passed through the open markets near Casa Esperanza. 

Once at Casa Esperanza we played with the kids, taught what we could, and enjoyed being in good company.

David- Student at Casa Esperanza 

Me and some of the kids.  Dude is sound asleep. 

 Daniela- Casa Esperanza Student

I'm so grateful for our our guide Melody.  She made sure we got there and back safely everyday.  She was also adventurous enough to take a bunch of gringos on the Diablo Rojo.  ¡Muy buena gente es! 

 Melody and Me

Once we got home Conchita was there with delicious Arroz con Pollo and a typical Panamanian drink called Arroz con piña (Rice with Pineapple).  There weren't rice grains in the drink at all but it was definitely yummy!

Conchita feeding Dude.  She is spoiling him rotten! 

Conchita and  Dude chilling and watching TV.

Soon our Bermudan house mates will be leaving.  They are awesome, well mannered kids and I´m happy to see them so international at such a young age.  My sons will definitely miss having them in the house.

Jaeden and Sakima 13 yrs old Bermudan house mates

Once again we were pooped by the end of the day.  It´s a cooler night so I know we will sleep well.

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