20 March 2014

At home in Rome

Once we landed in Rome our next step was to take a 4€ shuttle to the Rome city center. There we would get in the metro's A line to the Cornelia train station.  Our host Daniela would be there to pick us up in front of the bank on the corner at 1:30pm.  We got there exactly at 1:30 and Daniela (Dany) was there waiting for us in her car.  Her house was a 10 minute drive from the train station and she explained to us in a mixture of English and Italian how to take the bus to and from her house.  Now if you know me well you know that I'm a natural born polyglot and I absorb language at an abnormal rate.  I'm fluent in Spanish, French, and Portuguese so Italian is not that hard for me.  I can guess most if what in saying and at the least be understood.  The funniest part of the drive to our new home a as la morena looking at me confused from the backseat and asking "Echo, since when do you speak Italian?!"  That really cracked me up because in my mind I really think inknownwhatnimnsaying and talking about!  Anyway i understood all of our instructions, asked a variety of important questions and had a good convo with Dany about why she host people from all over the world.  
Dany's apartment was beautiful, like old school roman perfection.  She showed us around the kitchen, and our suite, gave us a key and headed back to work.  
I couldn't wait to jump in the shower,  change clothes, and take a nap so I did all 3 in that order! 

That nap was sooo good and sooo needed.  I woke up at 4 so we could leave the apartment by 4:30!for a walking tour in the heart of Rome.  
Even though we somehow missed the tour we made the best of our time.  We first bought more memory for my camera. Then we found a corner cafe and we ate.  Now when I say we ate... I mean we ATE!!  We didn't necessarily eat a lot or eat quickly but we ate the way you would imagine one would eat in Italy. As we bit into each note of our insalata, cardonara spegheti, and margarita pizza we moaned and groaned at the flavor and detailed seasoning.  It was spectacular.  I had mixtures of ingredients and flavors that I'd never had before.  I are things I hate but due to the mastery of the food hate turned to love and olives and tomatoes made my taste buds dance like the staccato notes the nearby street band played to mozart's rondo.  This may have possibly been the best meal of my life.  It was so good that Felt compelled to eat as many different dishes offered in Italy in the attempt to not repeat meals or miss out on something that inevitably had to be within the same realm of deliciousness.  La morena teased me that the delicious birthday meal was a good attempt in making up for the bullfight rating as the most traumatizing horrific bday present ever.  I hope I made up for it and that she was enjoying her official birthday in Rome.

After we are we walked.  We bought post cards and finally ended up at the fountain of triva.  It was like no other fountain is ever seen and made me wish I had someone there to explain its history, origin, and purpose to me.  Hundreds of people were there sitting in its glowing radiance and relaxing.  We joined the crowd with pleasure and accompanied by gelato.  

We made wishes in the fountain then moved on to the twisting small connecting street.  There we were sucked in by great prices and Italian leather.  I bought a much needed travel purse that wrapped around me, a business card holder, a new global print travel carryon (almost identical to the one I often photograph, that's also falling apart) an and Italian jacket.  I'm never such a big spender, but I couldn't help myself today.  After all our purchases we walked talked and decided to head "home" so we could properly rest and enjoy the next day.  On the bus ride we joked about how we felt so comfortable in Rome and what we'd do at home.  We've been here les than 12 hours and we've already made ourselves at home in Rome. 

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