17 March 2014

Leaving something behind

Right now I'm on the plane on the way to Madrid.  This trip has been in the works for like 9 months.  I have this horrible feeling that im leaving something behind.   The plan is to fly into Madrid then take a bullet train into valencia for las fallas festival.  I have all the tickets, and all the documents I need but I still feel like I'm leaving something behind.  As a Spanish teacher each year I teach my students about Las Fallas festival.  Year after year we are blown away by its artistry and exquisite detail. This year I have the opportunity to see it with my own eyes, hear it with my own ears, and live it fully.  I haven't left behind my eyes, ears, or any other body part but I feel like I'm leaving something behind.  What I'm leaving cannot be bought at a store, customs and immigration won't check my bags for it.  Homeland security won't scan my body for it.  What I've left behind is 3 pieces of my heart... AlphaPoppa, Zane, and Dude. It feels weird traveling without them.  They are my favorite travel buddies, but it was just better to leave them all home so they don't miss anymore school, to save my Euros, and to move more quickly while on the move.  
What's wrong with me?! I should be happy for some alone time.  Without my travel crew to make me laugh, aggravate me, ask me a million unanswerable questions just all seems too... QUIET!! Before taking a looooong good sleep on the plane, the kinda sleep I couldn't take with the kids around, I promised that I would embrace this lacking feeling then let it go.  Everything was pointing me on a solo journey to Spain.  Everything fell into line and my long time travel buddy will meet up with me in Valencia (wait til you meet this amazing gal!).  After a day and a half in Valencia we will continue on to Rome.  I've been teaching myself Italian and can't wait to make myself laugh just by merely hearing myself speak Italian in Italy.  This trip will be good for me and ultimately i realize that I had not "left my family behind", no matter where I go in the world they will always be in my heart, thoughts, and dreams.  They are an inseparable part of who I am and god knows as long as they have access to wifi they will skype, viber, and FaceTime me to death.  Lol.  The journey continues people, the ancestors have spoken, so on I travel.  

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