19 March 2014

La morena- old friends in new lands

By 3:30 am I was home in my PJs and just finished talking to my Australian roommates.  I figured I'd stay up and wait for la morena.  I go into bed and updated my YouTube channel with videos.  Starting at 4 I got up every 10 minutes or so to look over the living room balcony to see if la morena was on the street.  The last time I remember checking was at 4:45.  The next thing I know I'm waking from a deep sleep to the sound of someone stomping up the apartment building stairs.  I jumped up opened the apartment door and there she was.  My loooong time travel buddy!! She look exhausted and relieved all at the same time.  The taxi dropped her off blocks away due to las fallas blocking the roads, so she walked with her backpack several blocks in the crowded party street.  She finally found the building but couldn't get in.  She finally for in but didn't know the apartment number.  So her plan was to make as much noise as possible until I opened the door.. Her plan worked!
Las morena and I met our freshman year of college, when we were 18.  We were both participated in a university sponsored study abroad in Guayaquil, Ecuador with the intention of learning Spanish.  While there we became close and have shared adventures and host families in several places in Latin America. When she decided to change careers to teach English in Spain, she knew she could count on me to come visit and to participate in a great adventure.  
We wre so happy to see each other and excitedly chatted at a whisper.  We didn't want to disturb the other housemates, especially the German kids, Riva and Rosa.  We chatted til the sun can up and I think I literally fell asleep mid sentence at about 6am or so!  
La morena is one of my favorite travel partners.  She's low maintenance, don't require a lot of stuff, and has a great outlook on life and enjoying it to the fullest.  Reunited and it feels so good!

The next morning... Well almost noon we got up went down to a cafe for breakfast and we started her first day of las fallas.

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