20 March 2014

Rome the world

After seeing a few Fallas burn last night we went to bed at about 1:30.  I didn't actually fall asleep until 3:30 because I was updating the blog and YouTube channel.  We then woke up at 5am got dressed packed up and left Guillermo's place in Valencia.  It was time to head to the airport for our 9:05 flight to Rome, Italy. We had to be at the airport by 7am.  When we stepped out to the street of Valencia it was completely silent. After days and weeks of firecrackers and 24 hour celebrations it all stopped on a dime.  It was easy to imagine the whole town exhausted in a coma-like sleep trying to recover from such a huge event.  The streets were cleaned to perfection there were no signs of the fallas or the burnt piles left in the aftermath. It was like it never happened.  I joke with la morena asking if I'd dreamt it all and was somehow confused, she verified that it was all really but definitely creepy that it all disappeared without a trace.  The walk to the metro station was short and straight into the airport.  We had tobwait for a while but finally we boarded out Ryanair flight to Roma as two extremely tired, extremely excited women.  What was waiting for us in the other side was yet another adventure and yet another way to celebrate our freedom to Rome the world. 

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