19 March 2014

Firework bonding

After my 4 hour map I woke up and was pretty content on staying in until my friend (we will call her "la morena") arrived at 4 am, however on the way to the bathroom my German housemate stopped me and insisted that I attend the fireworks display downtown.  He said the previous nights was amazing and this was supposed to be even better.  Since it was the second time someone recommended this to me today I said to myself ,"oh hell just go... You're not spending all this time and money to sit in the house and wait... You can wait after the 1:30am fireworks show" so off I went.

The German pointed me to the right and insisted that I couldn't miss the metro train station.  After asking 2 people on the street I was at the station in less than 5 minutes.  The streets were packed and it was 12:30.  Sleeping is not a priority here... At all!!  With the help of a metro employee I had a metro card and was on a jam packed subway car and on the way to the colon station, only 3 stops away.  At that stop 95% of us got off all together and headed above ground.  
Up there we joined with 4000 of our closest friends and headed to the bridges where the fireworks would happen.  
The streets were so crowded that I never made it to a bridge, I was standing between buildings in the vicinity and if seemed like a good enough place to be.  
Once the fireworks started we all began to cheer.  As they continued they became more impressive.  All phones and cameras were in the air, we collectively "ooh-ed and aahh-ed" and chattered about how beautiful it was.  About 7 minutes into the constant display of sparkling sky they turned it up another level of greatness, at that point everyone in unison without being told, lowered their camera and phones. We all stopped talking and we looked up... Captivated at the flashing lights.  The fireworks sounds rolled like infinite thunder shaking my heart and soul.  We we all in awe.  No one had to say anything because we all felt the same indescribable feeling.  We felt... beauty.  It was a strange feeling to have much less share it with so many strangers on a street corner in a strange land in the middle of the night, but it happened.  What we felt was as spectacular as what we saw.   

After the show I walked back to the station and bought Buñuelos.  They are like funnel cake calls sprinkled with sugar and rellenos, which are like churros stuffed with cream and topped with sprinkles.  I sat on a bench and ate them while I waited for the crowd to thin out on the way into the metro station.  I was home rather quickly.  At 3am the streets were more crowded than ever, but I still headed home to wait for la morena, who estimated she'd arrive at 4-4:30am

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