22 March 2014

Ciao Roma!

I leave Roma was a heavy heart and a full stomach.  So sad to leave la morena behind yet still happy to get to my boys and man! La morena will spend another day here participating in a food tour and getting a massage! She woke up bright and early with me (5am) to let me out of the main gate to the apartment.  The bus starts running at 5:30 so i hoped to be on the street at the bus stop waiting between 5:30- 5:45am.  At about 5:20 on my walk to the bus stop the mis approached and picked me up I was at the the termini train station by 6:15 just in time to catch the bus to the fiumicino airport.  The bus arrived at 7:15 and I was making great time for my 9:15 check-in.  
While waiting for the flight I was asked by an airline employee to help an older couple from Albania find their way to their son in Atlanta.  No I don't speak Albania but we could communicate well enough. I made sure they knew where unseat was in the plane and told them to wait since we landed so we could walk together. 

Echo in airplane mode!  Plane bathroom selfie

 After a couple of movies and a good sleep we landed and I joined up with the Albanians.  The husband have me a small slip of paper with their sons name and information on it. But called their son let him know that we'd landed safely and that I would see them through to help out.  He was very appreciative and was happy to also speak to his father.  At immigration we were split up.  Foreign nationals must enter one area while US nationals enter another line for entry.  Once we all cleared they were out in the care of a customs agent who help them from that point on.  I called the son again and let him know they were no longer with me but in good hands nonetheless.  
After changing euros back to dollars, sighed a deep sigh of relief and satisfaction... There's no place like family!  

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