07 June 2012

Danke Deutscheland!

Today is our last full day in Berlin, Germany. The weather was so perfect today that is worked out perfectly that we chose to go to Potsdam. Potsdam is a small town outside of Berlin famous for its palaces and gardens. It took us an hour and fifteen minute to get there by metro train then about a 15 minute bus ride to arrive to the first palace. The architecture, statues, and rolling gardena did not disappoint. We walked for hours, took, pictures, ate ice cream, sat down to people watch. We joked at teased each other, had photo competitions, and finished up the chinese food we'd bought on the way there.

At the end of the day poor Dude's legs had reached their limit and we headed back home. At the Potsdam train station I picked up a couple of things for our host as a way to say thank you for his kindness and generosity. I found a bottle of beer with his name on it, ginger tea (to help settle his delicate stomach) and a small jar of strawberry jam for his sweet mom. I hope they like their gifts but most importantly I hope they understand how much we appreciate them.

Tomorrow AlphaPoppa heads back to the states and me and the boys will head to Paris to meet up with Zane's school group. We both have early morning flights at different airports so we will try to rest early tonight. Our time here in Berlin has been wonderful and unforgettable, but the adventure must continue! Off we go to Paris, we look forward to the wonders that await us there.


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