29 June 2012

Our last day in Paris

Our last day in Paris was sweet and simple. Near our hotel there was a street market that stretched many blocks and was filled with everything you can imagine. Appliances, furniture, candy, shoes, clothes, African masks, etc, etc. we walked around, met people and enjoyed an authentic Parisienne experience. The thing that struck me the most at the street market was the sale of guns, heavy automatic weapons. Hey, I thought guns were illegal around here!!! We were in complete shock. As soon as we could we researched gun laws in France. Come to find out guns are not illegal but they are extremely hard to get. Some of the requirements include take a year worth if shooting lessons, getting permission from your legislative representative, 5 written letters from neighbors saying they believe you are mentally stable and will not be harmful with the weapon, permission from the police department, a safe with a lock for storage of the gun, and police will conduct random checks to make sure you are being responsible and following the laws. From what I've been told, violence is not an issue in France. Most of their crimes involve theft.
We later headed to Sacre Coeur where the kids enjoyed a carousel and an early dinner. They also played on the big wind vent in front of the Moulin Rouge. This may very well be the best free event for kids in the city! We had to drag them away to get back to the hotel.
Right next door to Hotel F1 there is another discount hotel called Ibis Hotel
Their prices are a little higher then Hotel F1 and from what I've seen on the website the rooms are a little bit cuter and more colorful. The receptionist at F1 also told us that even though online it say the hotel is booked that it's not true. They only allow a certain amount of slots for online reservations and they always have a lot of space available for walk-in reservations. Please remember that small bit of info if you are in need of a hotel in Paris.

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