08 June 2012

Random thoughts I had in Germany

- OK, so people in Germany just ride the train in complete silence.

- Aldi is a German grocery store?!

- Don't forget to put the money on the counter, not in the cashier's hand. Put the money on the counter, on the counter, on the counter...

- Dope! You idiot! You put the money in her hand! Now see the dirty looks she's giving you. Awh man!

- OK, so people just shop in Aldi in complete silence.

- I really hope that people don't understand Zane singing,"Curry Wurst is the best, but when it comes out your butt Curry Wurst is the worst!"

- Huh?

- My children are the loudest people in Germany.

- Whoa! Here Taxis are Mercedes and bulldozers are Volvo.

- OK, no more sausage for me.

- Boy, I sure hope I put that garbage in the right can. (there are 5 recycling bins on every corner).

- Is summer really this cold in Germany?!

- Where is the turnstile to get on the train?

- Am I the shortest woman in this country? Geez Germans are tall?

- Berlin is unbelievably peaceful.

- Google maps is equally accurate here in Berlin as back home.

- People are actually reading my blog. Woo-hoo!!

- I'm so happy that I live in the age of Skype, FaceBook, cellphones, and wifi.

- What's going on in this time zone? The sun rises at 4am and sets at 10pm.

- People really think this is the hood?! I need to take them to the US for the shock of their lives.

- Hey, I actually know where we are! Berlin is easy to get around.

- You've just given me the temperature in Celsius, now what's that in Fahrenheit? I really gotta learn the metric system.


  1. Yes. I have read all your Euro posts. Keep them coming. Unfortunately, my heart is breaking because I am not taking a similar trip with my 8 year old. Can you write a post titled, "20 Reasons to Take Your Kid Overseas" for my son's AlphaPoppa? He is very good at living below our means, if you know what I mean. :D

  2. I gotcha talia. We should totally be doing this together. The boys would love each other and we would also have a blast! I'll call you when we get back and we will start planning.