22 June 2012

Hotel F1 and Fete de la musique

After we dragged our kids away from their new BFFs we made our way to our latest and what looks to be our final home, Hotel F1. This hotel did not pop up on any American hotel search engines and may very well be Europe's (especially France's) best kept secret. To begin with it's 49Euro a night with a 3 person limit. Two kids and two adults can fit comfortably in their small rooms If you don't mind bending the rules. If you don't mind shattering the rules like us you can also fit 2 adults and 4 children! Yes, 6 in total. The Hotel's motto is "Spend less, travel more" and it offers perfect budget friendly accommodations. It's not a fancy hotel but it is clean and to the point.

Each room has a queen size bed and a overhead twin size loft bed, a sink, and a tv. The whole floor shares 2 large washrooms, each one includes 5 showers and 6 toilets. Some people just cringed after reading that, but it's much better than you can imagine. The showers and toilets are state of the art, high tech, and self cleaning. Although more spacious, they look like airplane bathrooms. The people who designed this hotel thought of everything. We seem to be the only Americans here and we have met other guest from all over the world.
The next morning we grabbed a bite to eat and we headed back downtown to participate in La Fete de la Musique, a city wide music festival. We had a blast and ended up at the Notre Dame Cathedral. Im currently unable to upload the videos I took of the many talented artist we saw. Paris is a deliciously diverse city and the music fest represented that well with rock, African drums, and folkloric Ecuadorian tunes. We ended the day exhausted and returned to Hotel F1.

Notre Dame at sunset
F1 hotel sign
Notre Dame
Hotel F1
More Notre Dame

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