15 June 2012

Le Moulin Rouge & Sacre Coeur

Yesterday we went to The Moulin Rouge! Very kid appropriate, right? Believe it or not in the mist of all the sex shops there is the perfect kid activity. There is a wind vent that kids can stand on and watch their clothes blow up like marshmallow men. They can make leaves float and scream into the wind. This kept the kids busy for about a whole hour! While there we took pictures of the Moulin Rouge and of course our silly kids. After that we walked over to Sacre Coeur.

Sacre Corur means sacred heart and this historic cathedral has one of the most beautiful views of the city. It is in walking distance of the Moulin Rouge but in order to reach it you have to climb a very long stair case. When I say long I mean looooong, like you may have a heart attack on the way up long, like your only thought is "this better be good!". There is an alternative to this long walk though, you can instead take a lift that cost you one metro ticket. Since we are on a strict budget we took the stairs. Since I'm forever optimistic I saw this as an opportunity to some exercise and even better a way to get the kids tired enough for a seamless bedtime.

The cathedral and view were worth it. There were hundreds of people sitting on the last stair case before the main entrance just sitting, talking, laughing, drinking, and enjoying the amazing view of Paris. We hung out a while and once the sunset we headed back home. Dude was so exhausted he fell asleep before we got in the train home. Did I mention that his stroller never left Atlanta? I'm happy we didn't bring it even though Dude is like a led weight once he falls asleep. We got home and slept soundly.
Sacre Coeur
Sex magazine on the street
Sacre Coeur
Metro Map
Le Moulin Rouge

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