19 June 2012

No gas

Paris is beautiful, and it knows it. It's so beautiful in fact that it is too cute for gas stations. At home we have gas stations at every interstate exit and every few blocks in most cities. Not in Paris. It took me a while to realize that I haven't seen a gas station in over a week. Where are all the gas stations? How do people fill up their teeny tiny cars? Yesterday was the first day I saw something that even resembled a gas station and it was tucked under a beautiful building, hardly noticeable. I do from time to time see singular gas pumps on the street. Look at my picture below. Paris is too fly for big ugly gas stations, I guess they say no to gas.

Speaking of gas, a common question you hear in restaurants is, "Would you like your water with gas or without gas?" this question perplexes Americans traveling to Europe for the first time. To clarify, water with gas is what we American call perriere water, ya know the water with the bubbles in it? Water without gas is just plain water. To me water with gas is tolerable but not preferable. It's an acquired taste that I haven't fully developed. So I guess that makes me just like the city of Paris, too fly for gas. :-P


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