22 June 2012

New Friends!

Last night we spent a very comfortable and relaxing night at the Adagio City Family Hotel in the Buttes Chaumont area of Paris' 18e arrondissement. The hotel was one of few family friendly hotels in Paris. Almost every hotel in the city of Paris cost about $300 a night and has a strict 2 person limit. So if you have a family of 4 or more this is not affordable, at all. They are serious about their 2 person limit and that those two people remain very very quiet!! At almost all places we've been renting (apartments and hotels) we've had to lie about how many of us there are, then we sneak around very quietly to not give away our numbers. Adagio Family Hotel has been the only place we haven't had to do this. It's it however $250 a night, but thankfully without a guest limit. We will only stay here one night because we have a cheaper place booked for tomorrow. The hotel had about 7 channels, all offered in different languages for its international guests and it was very clean and comfortable.
When we checked out the following morning there were a group of friendly looking kids playing soccer in front of the hotel. The street where they were playing is blocked off from traffic and is also shared by an elementary school. We convinced Zane and his classmates to join in the games, little did we know that they'd enjoy each other so much and play for the next 5 hours!!!!!
They played soccer, rode scooters, played tag, we're introduced to friends of friends, the girls braided each others hair, and ate iceys. They had so much fun that we had fun watching them. We were only able to make them take a break long enough to eat a quick lunch.

After about an hour Dude was singing a French song with his new friends and Zane learned new soccer moves and taught his new friends how to play basketball. Zane was concerned about communicating with his new friends, but after about 10 minutes they were communicating through hand signals, English, and French.

Finally we had to leave we promised our kids and their new friends that we will reconnect in the future. All of the kids know that we will keep that promise so our departure was a sweet one.

Hair fun with new friends

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