13 June 2012

The taken suitcase and Puppet Shows

Yesterday we were indoors most of the day. We were bumming out and cleaning for the apartment's next guest. One of the ways that the owner of Zane's school is earning money for our school is by renting out the school apartment. Much more money can be made for our teachers and for other school costs if we are not at the apartment. So, we are moving on to a cheap spot so the apartment can make money for the things most important to us; our children's global education. After getting the place all cleaned up we grabbed our things, planned our route, and we headed out to our new place. There were two problems however. One it was raining and two we were hungry. We stopped at a nearby cafe and chilled out. We organized our suitcases (three of them) in our view (and an arm's length away) and we fully enjoyed the moment.
When it was time to leave Zane asks me "Mommy where is your suitcase?!"
"Right here." I said.
"No it's not!"
He was right. The suitcase was gone. Only the two largest suitcases remained. I did a quick mental check of what was in the bag, tooth brush, deodorant, a bunch of summer clothes that I haven't been able to wear because it's too cool. The only things I'd miss was a cute pair of stillettos and a sexy red wrap dress that I'd purchased at Bouchic Boutique in Atlanta. Oh well, c'est la vie. I was not going to let the loss of things ruin my day! Zane in the other hand was furious. Our little crew searched nearby streets and garbage cans without luck. I thought of this as a good chance to teach him about what is important in life. "Zane we are all safe and happy, everything in the bag, including the bag, can be replaced.". He understood my point and I understood his 8 year old frustration. There was no point in sticking around and sweating the small stuff. I was tired and ready to get to our new next place to stay. We all slept good that night and were well rested for the next morning.

The next morning I discover that I'd moved about 4 outfits into the boys much bigger bag before my suitcase was stolen. I initially thought I'd only been left with the clothes on my back so this was a very pleasant surprise! We got dressed, grabbed breakfast an headed to a nearby park. We were there for hours, coincidentally just in time for a puppet show at the park's tiny puppet theatre

Puppet Theatre
Tree climbing in the parc!
Puppet show time!

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  1. Hey Nena! Thanks for the shout out! We'll be saving that sexy red dress for you!