24 June 2012

L'arc de triomphe

Today we had a blast! We walked and walked and walked. First we took the metro to the Eiffel Tower and picnicked on its lawns with the other hundreds of people who were enjoying the weather and ambiance. The kids played at the playground for hours! I sat on the bench and dozed off here and there waking up every now and then just to keep count of the kids and make sure they were alright.

We then started our walk to Champs Élysées, grabbing macarons and ice cream cones along the way. We are all macaron addicts now, if you ever get a chance to eat these tasty treats, let me know! Along that walk we also wandering into the extremely elaborate Four Seasons Hotel. It cost $1,500 Euro a night and looked the part. It was beyond elegant. Outside of the hotel Zane saw a Lamborghini that blew his mind and insisted on taking a picture with his "dream car". Check out his pose? He's too much!

When we finally made it to Champs Élysées and L'arc de triomphe we whipped out our cameras hoping to share some of its beauty with you. The weather was perfect, the best since we've been in Europe and this made it all the better. We then grabbed a quick dinner and headed toward the Louvre.
As night fell the Eiffel Tower lit up in the distance, making Dude the happiest little 3 year old ever. Dude is unnaturally obsessed with the Eiffel Tower, to the point where he cries for it at bedtime. "Mommy, I want the Eiffel Tower! I want to hug the Eiffel Tower! Are we going to the Eiffel Tower?". It's unreal. Get a grip Dude!

After the Eiffel Tower glimmering light show we went to the newly set up traveling carnival at the Louvre. The big kids got on the high flying swings and Dude got on the toddler racing cars. Also at the Louvre were a couple of elegant outdoor restaurant/ cafés set up on the lawns. The pyramids were lit up and it felt like we were at the most beautiful place in the city.

By the time we checked the time it was after midnight and Dude was rubbing his eyes. He fell asleep before we got back to the hotel but I know he slept happily with visions of the Eiffel Tower.

L'arc de Triomphe
Eiffel Tower picnics
Eiffel Tower playground fun
L'arc de Triomphe
Champs Élysées
L'arc de Triomphe
Eiffel Tower race cars
Zane and "his" Lambo
Louvre pyramid
Louvre carnival ride
L'arc de Triomphe

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  1. Other kids have heros like Spider Man and Mickey Mouse. Dude has La Tour Eiffel. So cute!