09 June 2012

Potty training in Paris. Loving the Louvre.

Paris was beautiful this morning. We woke up lugged my stuff down the spiraling six flights of fury and headed for the metro on route to the school apartment. When we got there I was blown away by what the owner of Zane's school had done. This apartment was amazingly gorgeous! Just to give you a little background on Zane's school, he attends The Swiss Trilingual School. The school is a small homeschool group that educates its students in either Spanish/ Chinese/ English or French/ Japanese/ English. The school uses the languages to teach core subjects like math, science, etc. but love compassion and happiness are also equally important subjects. Zane is in the Spanish-Chinese as a third grader and Dude will start 3 year old kindergarten in August. For more info see their website.

After we showered and ate I had a serious talk with Dude about no longer wearing his pamper. Dude is three and potty trained, however, during our journey in Berlin we didn't want to risk any "accidents" in our host's home or in the cold streets. We were also unaware of the public urination laws in Germany we just figured pampers would be the safest bet. Now that we are in Paris I feel we can resume our normal potty routine. So today my little sweetheart was pamper free and he did great. No accidents! Yey Dude!! I think he was happy to return to big boy status and let go of that gross thing.

Today's journey brought us down many beautiful street. Paris is just beautiful. The architecture is lovely and the whole ambiance is manifique! We walked to the river Seine, the Louvre, L'arch de Triomphe, and Champs Elysées. I had no idea all of these famous sites were in walking distance from each other, that just made it even better. We saw the Eiffel Tower in the distance but decided to save that for a long picnic tomorrow.

The children played, laughed, and met tourist from all over the world. They also played with boats in an enormous fountain near the Louvre, and played in the many kid friendly gardens we passed.
We walked until we were exhausted. The city is so beautiful that we didn't even realize how long we'd been walking. The French language, the crowds, the music, elaborate buildings, the smell of baguettes and crepes. Today we focused on being in Paris and using our five senses to experience all things Parisienne, I'm so grateful that I can experience this with my boys and they can also
experience this part of the world with their friends.



  1. Keep the updates coming! I enjoy reading all about you guy's adventure:)

  2. love it! keep it coming:) love to read all your updates

  3. oh thats me teressa:) i posted twice...lol

  4. Thanks for reading Teressa!

  5. My son would be in that school in a heartbeat, if they had one here.

    Also, I checked out the fares to berlin from nyc and they are still below $700 in aug and sept. Brussels Air mostly. :)

    Sure would love to travel with you and and your travel savvy boys someday, though. They could teach my son a thing or two.