24 June 2012

Rain, rain, go away & The Velvet Sultan

It rained all day today and it rained hard. Our trip to the park turned into a trip to eat French Fries then back to the hotel to play inside. I took a great nap then made my way to the lobby (where the wifi is strongest) to skype with family and friends.

For dinner we went next door to a Turkish restaurant run by Moroccans. The restaurant was named The Sultan and everything in there was upholstered in red velvet! The food was delicious and filling, the service was great too. We ate spaghetti and meat sauce and ate ice cream for dessert. After eating we moved over to the other side of the restaurant where a bunch of people were watching the Euro Cup 2012 match between England and Italy. Dude fell asleep immediately after eating so only the bigger kids were able to enjoy the game and Italy's victory.

Tomorrow's weather forecast promises to be pleasant. We leave for Berlin late Tuesday night so it would be great if our last full day here will give us nice weather.

The Sultan Restaurant.  Check out the red velvet, hehehe!
The kids using real silverware and their best table manners.
Bon apetit.
Zane and one sleepy dude!

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